17 July 2012

Rock Hiking?

Do you like to hike?  Do you like to go rock climbing?  Looking for a pretty good outdoor workout?  If yes, great!  Maybe you'd want to to try rock hiking!

This is what I've named our little "hiking" excursion we took the morning after we arrived at our sister's house (Sunday).  It wasn't really hiking, but it wasn't really rock climbing either.  It consisted of mostly giant steps, jumps, balance tests, and "strategizing."  (i.e. Well, we've made it to the top, now how are we going to get back down?)  

Sound like fun to you?  It was!  

The "mountain" we conquered! (It looks bigger in real life! ;)  )
Here's a quick recap for the rest of the last couple days:

Yesterday, we started our day with a nice, brisk walk around the reservoir, where we saw a mama duck and her ducklings riding the waves!

Poor little guys...
Which happened to remind me of this little video:

At least they were all okay! :)

Today, we decided to walk the path at a golf course close by, which apparently came with many hazards to watch out for:

What's a Mississippi kite?

It's a bird...Emily said she saw someone get attacked by one of them, so we took the sign seriously...

After our walk we went to the pool and spent the afternoon poolside. What a beautiful summer day!

Off to start my contribution to dinner! ;) Have a great evening!


  1. How fun! When I was in Vegas a few years ago we hiked Red Rock. I thought it was just going to be a trail up to the top but it was exactly like what you described - ROCK HIKING! We had to climb up everything I was so surprised!

    1. Yes exactly! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I LOVE hiking!! Sounds like you had a great time! And yup..this further reinstated my fear of birds! They can be such a menace :0. It's wonderful to meet a fellow RD2be!

    1. Oh haha sorry! Yes birds can definitely be SO annoying, especially geese! Thank you for reading! I looked at your blog and it's really neat! You are an inspiring person!