06 July 2012


Hi there!  Well, here I go! :) I thought I'd begin my inaugural post (woohoo!) with some motivation.  Who doesn't crave it every now and then, right?

I love this statement: "When you feel like quitting, think about why you STARTED." I feel like this can apply to nearly all aspects of life, not just physical health.  Often times, for whatever reason, we get so caught up in the difficulties that pop up, whether it be that we feel like what we're doing isn't changing anything or that we just can't seem to get something right, and we tend to start losing that drive that kickstarted the whole behavior.  It's important to remind ourselves why we began to take our health into our own hands.

I would like to thank a blogger I recently discovered for her statement: Perfection isn't happy. (See PerfectionIsntHappy.com) I couldn't agree more!  Health, to me, largely means that we can maintain a healthy life...happily!  When we strive to be "perfect," or rather, what other people are telling us perfect should be, we can deprive ourselves of being as healthy as we can be.  I suppose you could say that my motto is to live your life in a way that facilitates your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, happily.  What do you think?

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