10 July 2012

Garlic Hummus

Here's another simple, yummy recipe for homemade hummus!

Garlic Hummus

What Food You'll Need:

~ 3 Tablespoons lemon juice (I used bottled this time but normally we use fresh lemons)
~ 2 Tablespoons ground sesame seeds (It's like a paste, and can be found in most grocery stores. Check the international aisles if you can't find it elsewhere in the store. I used Peloponnese.)
~ 1/3 Cup water
~ 2 Cloves garlic
~ 1 Can (about 15 oz.) garbanzo beans (or dried, just cook them before use)
~ Salt/Pepper to taste

If using canned garbanzo beans, choose the "No Salt Added" or low-sodium options. If you choose the low-sodium can, rinse the beans before use! This way, you reduce the sodium content a little and the hummus will taste "cleaner." 

Place all ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth. Done!

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