07 July 2012

Banana Pomegranate Egg White Omelet!

Good Morning!

A few years ago, as I was stumbling groggily around the kitchen one morning trying to decide what to eat for breakfast, I opened the fridge and the first thing I saw were the couple dozen eggs sitting on the top shelf. So what does my brain automatically tell me? Omelet!

I began looking in the veggie drawer for some tasty fillings, but then decided, since there happened to be a lot of fruit that was ready to be eaten, why not try adding some fruitiness instead of the usual veggies and asiago cheese? 

After all, crepes are made with a lot of egg, right? And people put fruit in those!

Yum! (Photo taken from: http://www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzeys/recipes/r-penzeysfruitcrepes.html)
Thus began my days of fruit omelet exploration.

This morning, after realizing I hadn't made any in a while, I decided to bring those fruit omelets back! 

With some leftover fresh pomegranate seeds I had on hand and some bananas that were getting just a bit too ripe for me to eat by themselves, I made a delicious, you guessed it!,

Banana Pomegranate Omelet!

What food you'll need:

~ 2 to 3 Egg whites, lightly beaten with a fork (I used 3)
~ 1/2 Banana, sliced
~ Pomegranate seeds
~ Cinnamon

That's it!

What I Did:
  1. Lightly grease a nonstick skillet, preferably with just a drop of olive oil or cooking spray, and turn burner onto medium-high heat
  2. Pour egg whites into the pan
  3. Place the banana slices flatly onto one side of the omelet, trying not to overlap, then sprinkle desired amount of pomegranate seeds on top of bananas
  4. Lightly sprinkle with cinnamon
  5. When whites have coagulated enough to hold firm on the bottom, flip the empty half of the omelet on top of the fruit-filled side, then flip.
  6. Since the omelet gets thicker because of step 5, I usually cut my omelet in half in the pan to make sure the whites get cooked through
  7. Garnish with any leftover banana slices, a few pomegranate seeds, and a dash of more cinnamon.
DONE! Simple yet delicious!

The almost-melty bananas add more moistness, the pomegranate adds a burst of juicy sweetness, and you get the added potential health benefits of cinnamon, like headache and migraine relief! I added a fresh mango, half a piece of whole wheat toast, and a giant glass of ice water, and voilĂ , breakfast!

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