18 January 2014

Dietetic Internship!

And So It Begins!!

So after another long break (sorry!) I have an update!

This morning it really hit me, right smack dab in the face.  I finally, truly, came to the realization that it is going to happen.  What, you ask, is going to happen?  Well, my friends, I have news of the most excellent variety!  This past November, I discovered that I was accepted into a dietetic internship!

Okay, even though I believe that if someone really wants to find you, he/she will, for security reasons, I bleeped out a couple things.
So, you know how I said something was finally going to happen?  Well, I am finally going to become an RD!  Wohoo!  After all the schooling, all the planning, all the stress of thinking about what the heck I am going to do if I don't get an internship (it's about a 50% match rate for first time applicants, folks :( ), I feel so blessed that I am going to be able to do what I love!

Here's a graph from the AND website.  Keep in mind this only reflects the first round.  For those of you who don't know the process, there are two rounds for each matching period.  Since applicants rank each program they apply to in order of "I really want this one!" to "Well, it is not my first choice, but I will take it!," not all spots are filled on the first round if an applicant is accepted to multiple programs (even though we won't know that! Grr!).  Thus most, if not all, remaining positions are filled later in the week, after the initial notification.
Dietetic Internships Demand Chart
Source: http://www.eatright.org/ACEND/content.aspx?id=4294967919
So let's fast forward a bit, shall we?  I have actually just completed my first week of my DI!  Basically it was all orientation where we reviewed a bunch of information we learned in school, taste tested some oral and tubefeeding products, and shadowed a clinical dietitian for a day.  All I can say is, it's going to be TONS of work, but I know it's going to be worth it in the end!  I am so excited to really get started!  Monday begins my general foodservice rotation, so I will check back in later! 

Oh by the way, did I mention how we are going to use this foreign thing called a pager?  

I feel like hospitals are the only places left that use them.  As another intern pointed out, we probably all "looked at them like an old person looks at smartphones."  But the important thing here is that we all did finally learn how to use them! (With the help of a dietitian and a cheat sheet). :)

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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