10 August 2012

Veggie-Loaded Summer Salad


This morning began with a yummy banana cinnamon omelet and some orange slices. This might sound kind of gross to some of you, but it's actually quite delicious. (Well, at least to my taste buds! ;) )

The bananas melt in your mouth and the cinnamon blends with the egg to give some extra flavor. Aside from the obvious difference in texture, it sometimes tastes like you're eating actual French toast!


Lunch consisted of a veggie-loaded mixed green salad.

Here's what I threw in the bowl:

  • Baby kale
  • Baby spinach
  • Fresh cherries
  • Fresh bella mushrooms
  • Red, Yellow, and Orange bell peppers
  • Raw cauliflower
  • Sliced baby carrots
  • Sliced raw zucchini
  • Sliced almonds
  • Bolthouse Farms Caesar Parmigiano YOGURT Dressing (Only 45 kcals for 2 Tablespoons!)

This salad was YUMMY!

Question of the evening: You can literally put almost ANYTHING in a salad. What do you think is the "oddest" thing you've seen/put in a salad?

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