Simple Fix Stability Ball Workout

Simple Fix Stability Ball Circuit Workout

* In this workout, you'll see a move called the "Ball Pass." I'm not sure if there is a real name for this, so for the purposes of my workouts, that's just what I've been calling it. To see how to perform this move, scroll to the bottom of the page.

* If you are new to working with a stability ball, there are modifications you can perform. These suggestions are listed below, as well as how to do each move.

Ball Passes:

     1. Begin lying on your back, your arms stretched straight behind your head with the ball lying between them, and your legs extended, straight, resting on the floor.

     2. Moving your arms and legs at the same time, lift the ball and transfer it to your legs. Your head and shoulders should come up slightly off the floor to engage your muscles and prevent back injury. 

     3. Together, once more lower your legs and arms to the starting position. This time, the ball is between your feet.

     4. To complete another ball pass, transfer the ball back to your hands, going through the same motions.

Modification: It's okay to have a bend in your knees. Begin with your back on the floor and lift your legs so your shins are parallel to the floor. You might even get a bigger range of motion this way, as long as you still place the ball between your feet and not just your thighs.


- Roll your stomach onto the ball, and walk your hands out on the floor. If you are more advanced, roll out to your knees or shins. If you are not as advanced, don't roll out as far, maybe stay around the lower hips and thighs. (Demo here) Perform the push-ups in this position. Here's where the balancing act comes in!


- Lie on your back and lift your lower legs and feet onto the ball, creating a 90 degree angle. Pretend you're resting your feet on the seat of a chair. Perform the crunches in this position.

Back Extensions:

- You may want to find a wall (or something to keep you from sliding backwards). SparkPeople has a good demonstration. Click here to see it. 


- Option 1: Rest your forearms on the ball and straighten your body, resting on the toes of your feet, like this.

- Option 2 (push-up plank): Roll out to push-up position, and hold, so the ball is resting underneath your shins, like this.  

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